Technology plays an important role in our every day lives. It can increase the chance of our pets being reunited with us in the event that they become missing. Any form of identification is better than none at all. Traditional means of identification for pets include: name tags, engraved collars, and tattoos. However, those forms of identification can become lost, chewed, or unreadable.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a permanent form of identification which cannot be altered or lost?

Having a pet microchipped is the preferred method of identifying pets. Microchips are electronic implants that work by sending and receiving radiowave signals. Each chip is programmed with a specific identification number. These chips are designed to last longer than the lifespan of cats and dogs. Once a microchip is injected under the skin, it cannot be altered or lost. Microchips can be placed in animals that are as young as 6 weeks of age. Anesthesia is not required and no scarring occurs during the procedure.

The procedure consists of injecting a microchip under the skin in the area in between the shoulder blades. The microchip doesn’t have any parts that will malfunction: it does not have a battery and never needs to be replaced. A scanner is a device that animal shelters and veterinary offices have to read the microchip. It has been said that an animal with a Home Again® microchip has been recovered every 6 seconds in the United States.

The American Kennel Club recommends the Home Again microchip as a means of permanent identification of dogs and for record keeping of breeders. Many puppies purchased from breeders will be microchipped before they arrive at their new owner’s homes.

Microchipping is available for all dogs and cats, not just pure breeds! Birds and wild life have also been microchipped. Microchipping is used to protect endangered wildlife from poachers and helps document breeding programs.

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