At Best Friends Mobile Veterinary Service we do not use online pharmacies to fill prescriptions on medications we stock such as flea control products and arthritis medications. We carry brand name products such as Frontline Plus®, Advantage®, Revolution®, and Rimadyl®. The patient-client-veterinarian bond is sacred to us and we offer some of the same conveniences of online pharmacies — home delivery and even pick–up service.

Buying medications online cheapens the patient-client-veterinarian bond. Clients do not get counseling and patient education when buying online. The responsibility of ensuring a pet is prescribed the right dose and proper medication is by-passed when purchasing online. We feel the onus should be placed on the veterinary staff and doctor. Our knowledge, time, and education are wasted by being a “yes man” to these companies. They need our expertise and permission to fulfill these prescriptions. They only want to pocket the income. The bottom line is they don’t care about you or your pet! WE do! We value each pet as an individual and strive to meet their needs and your expectations.

In addition, many companies only honor product guarantees when a veterinarian prescribes and sells the product. Purchases from online pharmacies often do not qualify for this guarantee. A couple of years ago, a client purchased Frontline Plus from one of these pharmacies. The medication did not seem to work for this pet. We called Merial to see if others had reported problems with this batch. The company did not acknowledge a problem, but were willing to refund the cost of the medication had it come from us. However, they could not help because the product was not sold by our clinic.

When you buy medications from your veterinarian, you receive medications that are guaranteed by the manufacturer and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Quality control is not an issue if medications come from your veterinarian. Some medications obtained from online pharmacies are bought outside the United States, while other drugs are cheaper versions of patented drugs.

We hope you agree that our policy regarding online pharmacies is in the best interest of your pet and the client-veterinarian relationship. We strive to keep our prices competitive. We also pass along any manufacturer’s rebates to our clients. If you have any problems or questions, you can call us for help. Our phone number is 706-549-1811. At Best Friends Mobile Veterinary Services, we offer excellent customer service.