Michelle1Dr. Sharon Wong has been our veterinarian for several years. As the owner of two dogs and three cats, we have had so many occasions in which she has “saved the day,” while not breaking my bank. She has even made a house calls when I’ve been out of town.

Even though emergency care is not standard, in order to keep my children from being further traumatized, she’s been here late night so that the kitten’s suffering could be ended peacefully. When my husband died unexpectedly, she not only attended the funeral, but also delivered bags of pet food, recognizing that we had plenty of human food. When one of our pups was neutered, she brought him home for us after the kids went to bed so that their father’s dog would be home upon their awakening the next morning.

On another occasion, knowing that she was going to do a skin scrape in determining the cause of our dog’s rash, she brought her microscope AND invited my science-loving son to take a glimpse. I can’t count the number of times that we’ve met somewhere for delivery of an Rx after a telephone consultation. Her thoughtfulness and generosity over the years has guaranteed that I will never call on another to care for my furry family members. I share her name at every opportunity!

Megan T. Davis


As a multiple pet household, (five wonderful kitties), Dr. Wong has been a real God-Send. She is infinitely caring, kind, and compassionate and we feel as though she’s a member of the family. We would recommend “Best Friends” to ANY consienctious, loving pet owner.
— Chip and Anne McKenzie


MicheleandSophieMy kitten, Sophie, had recently been spayed, but she had an open surgery wound that had become infected. I do not have a car, so I have to rely on public transportation. I called a local taxi service so I could take Sophie to the surgeon, but no one ever came! I was so desperate; Sophie was very sick. I searched the internet and found Dr. Wong’s website, and was ecstatic to learn she offered mobile services! Dr. Wong was gracious, kind, and prompt, coming to my apartment as soon as she could. She immediately treated Sophie with antibiotics, and the charges for her services were more than reasonable. Dr. Wong rescued Sophie AND me – Sophie is now healthy and ornery, and I have the peace of mind knowing that if Sophie ever needs anything again, Dr. Wong is just a phone call away.
— Michele, UGA Grad Student


I have found Dr. Wong to be quite knowledgeable, conscientious, and caring. She shows concern for my pet. I find her to be quite reliable and would recommend her as a fine veterinarian.
— Dr. Betty Ann Brooks


Treat Your Cat Like an Aristocrat!

One doesn’t have to wait until National Pet Week to treat your cat like a queen! Or, let your dog have his day. Maria (pictured above) celebrated her cat’s birthday with this gorgeous cake MariaCatCakeshe baked herself and had a little assistance from other family members. She adopted Gatita from the Oconee Animal Shelter. Maria is the ideal pet parent. She books her pet’s veterinary medical appointments herself and keeps Gatita on monthly Heartguard for Cats and flea control. In addition, she has commemorated her pet by taking these portraits.